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Thank You Dumfries!

Yesterday I had a table at my 1st fair this year after lockdown. After researching many organised events I decided to apply for a Stall at Dumfries Market Festival run by The Guild in Dumfries and was lucky enough to be offered a table.

What was supposed to be an outside event was changed to inside due to a poor weather forecast and this happened a few days before the day!

How The Guild managed to reorganise this within a couple of days I do not know but they did and the venue was ideal, a large empty unit based within the Lorebourne Shopping Centre in The centre of Dumfries. It has loads of space so social distancing was never a problem and customer access was limited so that we were never overcrowded.The queue for entry was substantial so thanks to all you lovely customers who waited.

I'm pleased to say that I had the best day ever since doing fairs, even Xmas ones! Perhaps I've eventually found what people like or well I don't was a good day whatever.

So thank you all you lovely folks from Dumfries and around who came to look at my makes, have a chat or even bought something. I thoroughly enjoyed my day.

Oh on the black side..the drive home was hellish! Torrential rain, floods, wind and at times not even being able to see the road made it quite scary at times.

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